20 HP Electric Trash Pump, 800+ gpm

Product Code: TP-20

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20 HP Electric Trash Pump, 800+ gpm, pump head is completely submersible, flooded suction (does not have to be primed), sealed heavy duty bearings for maximum life, 480 volt / 3 phase power for maximum efficiency, 100' weatherproof cord, easily adaptable to most brands of mud systems.

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Trash pumps can be an integral part of a solids control system. These pumps are designed to pump large amounts of water that contain solids such as mud, leaves, sticks, sand and sludge. A trash pump is commonly a heavy-duty, portable centrifugal pump that features deeper impeller vanes and a larger discharge opening than other styles of pumps. Trash pumps are capable of moving hundreds or thousands of gallons per minute, all while processing materials with suspended particulates that would typically clog other styles of pumps.

Mud Technology International, Inc. builds a line of trash pumps to accommodate projects of varying sizes and challenges.

Each pump is compatible with all of Mud Technology International's Recycler Systems and can be adapted to work in conjunction with most other brands of solids control equipment.

The various models of Mud Technology International trash pumps can move from 500+ gpm to 800+ gpm and have a 4" fitting to transfer slurry to the recycling system. Each model has a completely submersible head and flooded suction (unit does not have to be primed.) All units run on 480V, 3-phase power, with a 100' weatherproof cord.

Look at our spec sheets to compare each model and decide which trash pump will work best for your project.


  • Rented a 1200 unit to clean up mud pit in middle of bore. Was super impressed with the way the little unit cleaned.

    Charles North American Drillers

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  • Mud Technology International's units are top of the line. I have the utmost respect for the staff at Mud Technology, they are always knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

    Eric Challenger Drilling

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  • Mud Tech is always there to help troubleshoot a problem (mechanical or electrical) so that we can continue our operation and avoid downtime. I appreciate their commitment to service.

    Dave HOSS Construction Co.

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