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Trailer Mounted Mixing, Pumping and Cleaning System, 5,130 gal (approximate) 3-section tank, high G-force linear shakers, high shear / low pressure mixing hopper, high shear jet guns in all tanks, two (2) 10" cones with 74 micron cut points, ten (10) 5" cones with 20 micron cut points, over 75 sq. ft. of total screening area, 800+ gpm cleaning capacity, 480 volt / 150kw / 3 phase diesel generator, Mud Tech MTPEWS-440 pump mounted on unit, diesel engine sized to this pump, standard transmission (volume: 400 gpm @ 1,710 psi), "Hi-Vis" night work lights, optional undercoating for added durability

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Mud Technology International knows that many operators prefer an "All In One" package in their solids control equipment. Our solution was to add one of our own mud pumps to our mixing and cleaning systems. The result has been equipment with higher productivity and less downtime.

The MPCT series has a high shear, low pressure mixing hopper with an integrated sack table. Submersed jet guns allow the stirring of clean and dirty tanks as needed. Independent valves isolate the hopper and jet guns, allowing the operator to fine-tune the mixing requirements

Our units offer 3-section tanks, with large, easily accessible clean outs. We have also installed 1" bar grating covering the top of the tank for safety.

High "G"-force shakers and multiple hydrocyclones combine to provide maximum cleaning. The MPCT has four centrifugal pumps that pressure feed the hydrocyclones, hopper, jet guns and supercharge.

Mud Technology International adds an appropriate-size mud pump to each MPCT package. Mounted on the unit, the pump has a diesel engine, standard transmission, drive line, and all safety guards. Low-voltage electrical remote controls enable the operator to throttle the engine and clutch the transmission up to 100' away from the unit.

Each unit has a 480V, 3-phase diesel generator with safety shutdowns on the engine and the generator. An on/off switch with a 100' remote for the supercharge to the mud pump adds to the ease of use on the MPCT Series. Added features are "Hi-Vis" night work lights and a 110V regulated power outlet.

The trailers are built at our Athens, Texas facility alongside our mud systems. 3" square tubing is mounted around the top edge of the tank for structural stability. We have added extra bracing in the tank floor for additional strength. All open areas of the floor are covered with bar grating and diamond plate. Standard features are air brakes, hydraulic landing legs and 25k dual tandem axles. Each unit is sand blasted and painted with high solids industrial paint for added durability.

Give us a call and we can customize a unit to your specifications.


  • Mud Technology International is able to provide us with great equipment and excellent parts service. Mud Technology International has helped us keep our down time to a minimum.

    Tom Bender TWS Drilling & Contractors

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  • Rented a 1200 unit to clean up mud pit in middle of bore. Was super impressed with the way the little unit cleaned.

    Charles North American Drillers

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  • You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our needs have been taken care have always made us feel like our issues were the most important.

    Travis V. Vermeer

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