"Global Underground Corp has been working with Mud Technology International inc. for many years. We have purchased and rented equipment from them. Their organization is very professional and has always gone out of their way and beyond our expectations to insure that their equipment has met our needs. I would personally recommend Mud Technology's equipment and service to anyone in the directional boring industry."

President, Global Underground Corp


“As a contractor, it is important for us not to have any down time due to lack of equipment or lack of parts. MTI is able to provide us with great equipment and excellent parts service. When you have a whole crew of men and expensive equipment spread on a jobsite, it is important that there is no down time. MTI has helped us keep our down time to a minimum.”

Tom Bender
President, TWS Drilling & Contractors


“The advantage to using MTI’s equipment in the field it that it’s compact and easy to work with. MTI has great tech support. In the long run, MTI’s equipment saves us money and allows us to be ahead of the competition.”

Jim Bobinger
Drilling Superintendent, Challenger Drilling


“When is comes to recycling equipment, MTI’s units are top of the line.
I have the utmost respect for the staff at MTI, they are always knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I can always count on MTI to keep me up and running. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my equipment or parts”

Challenger Drilling


“MTI’s equipment helps save time & money on your job set-up. It’s cleaner and easier to move & set-up. It’s a one piece unit that doesn’t take up too much space and makes your jobsite much cleaner.”

Directional Boring Superintendent, Gulf Shore Telecommunications


“Approximately one year ago, we began to do business with Mud Technology International, Inc. when we purchased a piece of equipment from them. Since then we have continued to purchase product and to utilize their knowledge and services regarding said piece of equipment. Doing business with Mud Technology has been advantageous for both their company and ours."

Paul York, Jr.
Vice President, York & York Foundation


“Our company purchased a MCT-500 mud recycler from Mud Technology International, Inc. The equipment that we purchased operated and performed as promised and we feel that we received a quality piece of equipment at a competitive price Mud Tech staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the field and are readily available to help with any questions that may arise. We are very pleased with the performance and integrity of the equipment and the Mud Tech staff is readily available to help with any questions that may arise. We would recommend their equipment and/or services to any potential customer."

Gregory Electric Company


“My name is Sonny Guzman. Our company owns one of your units. A couple of months ago the wires were cut and probably sold for scrap. This left us in the beginning of a job with no recycler. We were losing time and needed reconnection quick. That’s when I contacted your company electrician. He walked me through the whole thing, as if was looking over my shoulder. This man is great! I’ve told other contractors of the extra mile your company will go, and will continue to do so. Thanks again for all the help."

Sonny Guzman
Mikels Construction Co.


“Mud Technology’s service is 24/7. I have been met by MTI personnel at 11 pm in the evening to pick up parts in order to be able to return to the job site the next morning and return to drilling. Mud Tech is always there to help troubleshoot a problem (mechanical or electrical) so that we can continue our operation and avoid down time.. I appreciate their commitment to service."

HOSS Construction Company


“I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you about my first experience with your company. We recently purchased the MCT450 from you. Everyone at Mud Technology has been so professional and nice. Since that time we have had a few issues where we had to call you for assistance. I will have to say the technical support you have provided has been second to none. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our needs have been taken care of. I am sure you have several other things going on but you have always made us feel like our issues were the most important. As you are all aware downtime is a huge cost financially and emotionally. This particular project we are on, has absolutely no room for downtime due to amount of dollars that are at stake as well as tight time frames. You have all been so helpful in recognizing that and I wanted to commend you all for a job well done. Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to many more pleasant experiences with you!"



Mud Technology International Inc.