Shale Shakers

MTLS3P "AWD" Linear Shaker
  • 480 Volt / 3 Phase Power
  • Over 36 Square Feet of Cleaning Surface
  • Twenty-four – 5" Cones
  • High "G Force" Linear Shaker Action
  • Explosion Proof Electrics
  • Available With or Without Hydrocyclone Manifold(s)
3 Panel Split Shaker
  • Wedge-Lock Screen System
  • Dual overload Starter - High "G" Force
  • Cylindrical Cone Manifold
  • Adaptable to fit all Mud Systems
  • Large variety of screen mesh sizes
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MTLS3P "AWD" Linear Shaker Without Hydrocyclone Manifold(s)
  • High "G" force / High volume design
  • High volume capabilities
  • Screens can be replaced independent of each other
  • Over 25.29 square feet of cleaning surface
  • "Adjustable while drilling" front shaker mounts
  • Low Maintenance cost/ Exceptional reliability
Cone Manifold


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